2016: There is no spoon

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I usually don’t go for new year’s resolutions, but right before 2015 kicked in, I decided that was the year that I would go for a whole list of them. Among them was a 365 photo project and just like with the rest of them, I failed miserably. Perhaps such decisions are helpful to some, but to me, they’re just another reason to get mad at myself. 2015 proved to be a stagnant year for the most part, with a few  enlightening or inspiring moments. I won’t pretend the (economic-social-political) crisis had nothing to do with this, but then again, I am tired of uttering and typing the word crisis all the time. It is a word that has made me numb, it has made me navigate through my days on autopilot and has urged me to postpone any effort towards creativity or change.

Today, I visited my next door neighbours to photograph their little girl and watching her try to turn over on her left side, crawl, stand, take a step, I figured: there is no spoon.


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