Landing in Sarajevo

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I was nine years old when the siege of Sarajevo started. I remember hearing all about it on the news, not quite grasping what it was all about. War is a terrifying notion for a kid;  sadly, as we grow up we get accustomed to hearing about it on the news or even discussing about the politics of war with friends, reading different views and writings of scholars. Sometimes we even stop and think that a war is ultimately a devastating thing. Since I was nine years old, every time I’ve  heard talk on Sarajevo the first thing that came to mind was the siege – the link in my head is unbreakable. But the city is so much more than the remains of the siege and its history stretches so far beyond it.

I landed in Sarajevo on Saturday, early in the morning. I looked east and saw Istanbul, I looked west and saw Vienna. I am still debating which road to follow.


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