Souvenirs and bullets

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In the old town of Sarajevo there is an alley full of shops for tourists. In these shops, one can find beautiful jewellery, little pots and mugs for Bosnian coffee, ornamental plates, gravures and rakije bottles.

One can also find bullets. Bullets turned into pens, key chains, miniature airplanes or cars, bullets with drawings of minarets and the Pigeon Square. On a souvenir shopping walk, while trying to find some gifts for my friends, I had a little chat with one of the shop owners. He told me he fought in Sarajevo during the war, his sole comment on this being that he had to be there. I asked him how it felt selling these bullets as souvenirs in his shop after everything he had seen  during the siege: “At least we don’t use them to kill people anymore, we make something beautiful out of them”, he said.


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