And then, in Sarajevo, the shot was fired.

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Most of the buildings of the city have been reconstructed, however, they still bear evidence of tragic stories. A shot can be many different things, but here, in Sarajevo, a shot seems to have just one meaning: that moment in time  when Archduke Franz Ferdinand gasped and said his final words – “Es ist nichts”, “it’s nothing”. The buildings have been witnesses of such moments in time ever since, regardless of their architectural style or how historic they are. They hold their scars from 20 years ago, almost gracefully, so that no passer by forgets how fragile existence can be.

It’s been 100 years since the shot was fired; in November 2015, it’s going to be 20 years since the end of the siege. Wandering through the city, one realises 20 years are not nearly enough for anything to be accounted for as history. Whether 100 years is an adequate amount of time, I cannot say either.


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